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“Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.”

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Energy Enhancement System

The Energy Enhancement System (EESystem) generates multiple bio-active life-enhancing energy fields, including “scalar waves”.

Scalar waves provide a conducive setting for the body to replenish and rejuvenate, allowing it to tap into its innate healing powers.

Understanding the Science of the EE System

DNA Repair and Telomere Lengthening

Documented results show that DNA breaks were repaired and telomeres were lengthened in a study by Baylor University. Telomeres are like the protective caps at the end of our chromosomes, and their lengthening could potentially have significant implications for aging and overall health.

Balancing Nervous Systems

Watch this video to see how balancing the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems can result with exposure to the EE System.

Reduce Inflammation

The EE System can effectively decrease inflammation as observed through thermography. Inflammation is linked to a variety of health issues.

Scalar Energy Treatments Enhance Cellular Health

The following video and transcript show scalar energy treatments can help restore or improve transmembrane charge potential and which can contribute to the overall health and function of cells.

Water Properties Changes with Implications for DNA

In this letter from Jack Schulmann, computer scientist, he notes the hydrologist test indicated changes in water permeability, surface tension, and the covalent energy of hydrogen bonds could have significant implications for various biological processes, including those related to DNA.

Improved Blood Flow and Sickle Cell Normalization

Improved blood flow and normalization of sickle cells could have profound implications for conditions like sickle cell disease and other disorders related to blood flow. See live blood analysis reports and research by Lana Marconi, Ph.D.



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