What To Expect

How should I prepare for my session?

Physical Preparation:

Make sure you are fully hydrated. Dr. Michael suggests drinking as much as a gallon of water the day leading up to your session. The EES stimulates toxins to be released into your bloodstream that have been embedded in your cells.

Your body has a much better capacity to heal when well hydrated. Dress in comfortable, layered clothing for your sessions. Your body tends to cool-down as you relax, so you may get a bit chilly. You may want to bring a blanket.

We recommend that you have a light snack before your session. You don't want to be hungry, but you also don't want your body to be focused on digesting a big meal. You may prefer a sleep mask if you'd like complete darkness.

If you prefer silence or your own meditation music, please bring noise canceling headphones or a device with earbuds so you can listen to your own media.

Please be courteous to other guests by remaining quiet and having any electronic device in airplane mode and set to silent with dimmed brightness. Please don’t use heavy perfumes or oils, but feel free to bring along sea salt, crystals or bottled water to charge during your session.

Mental & Emotional Preparation:

In addition to preparing the body, it is equally important to prepare your mind and emotions for the EES session. Spend some time leading up to your session by making a list of what you would like to heal in yourself. Use proactive statements.

For example, instead of identifying that you want to get rid of arthritis, create a declaration statement such as "I want greater flexibility in my joints."

Guided imagery using visualization has been found to be very effective for assisting in the healing process. Many online tools exist that provide specific visualizations for various disorders.

What should I expect during my session?

Scalar waves are non-directional and fill the entire room regardless of its size. The energy field is enhanced by the collective energy of the people who are sharing the space.

Your body will reach an optimal healing state when fully relaxed. Do your best to calm your body—light naps are ideal. Guests are asked to keep their cell phones silent and to refrain from using their cell phones during the sessions.

Food isn’t allowed in the energy room. For those who bring blankets and drinks into the energy room, please use a soft bag that makes no noise when retrieving your items. You can use the restroom as often as needed during the session.

What should I do after my session?

Continue to drink plenty of water to flush the toxins out of your system. Some may experience detoxification symptoms, including a dull headache, brain fog, or aches in the weaker areas of their body. These symptoms are typically temporary and should lessen with each exposure to the system.

It is highly recommended to assist in the removal of toxins by taking a salt, borax, baking soda bath afterwards (described below) to release all the chemicals, proteins, and toxins released following each session. You may substitute a foot bath with these same ingredients.

The detox bath recipe from Dr. Sandra Rose Michael is as follows: Add 2 cups sea salt (ideally EE charged), 2 cups of baking soda and 1 cup of 20 borax laundry cleaner. After soaking 20-30 minutes with a wet towel over the chest, scrub thoroughly and rinse off. Moisturize with magnesium or coconut oil and continue to hydrate. Note: the formula makes the tub very slippery.



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